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          web site:www.98544486.cn

          Shanghai Yongde Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
          place老湿影在线观看免费:Shanghai Fengxian Zhuangxing Industrial Park Hangnan West Road55sign
          De Lüfenɡ:86-21-57461818 57462988

          Ningbo Xiangshan Food Equipment Factory
          place:Zhejiang Xiangshan Lower Banhe Industrial Zone
          De Lüfenɡ:0574-65722309 65715580
          ShanghaiYonder性欧美乂XXX奶水Food Machines Limited、Ningbo Xiangshan Food Equipment Factoryfrom◭Research and Design of Food Machine、production and production、a professional manufacturer of craft services。feed on production(milk)quality、animal老湿影在线观看免费The Death of an Egg-White Beverage(extinguish)Bacterial equipment and large storage tankswell-known▓。product无画翼鸟口工漫画slow sale◬well-known enterprises at home and abroad。and lastmany years女人和男人上张床频大全byaccredit◂“treaty-heavy credit enterprise”,multiple product coataccredit▅“kingdom、provincial and provincial outstanding scientific and technological products”address。province女主与暗卫多肉np(The enterprise has passedISO9001:2000quality system certification),And Ningbo export product quality inspection-free enterprises,We rely on the extraordinary needs of our customers,a design plan for all its workshops and production lines,put forward▾mostrich▋deterministic sum of establishmentnaturalization◒the service of。
          2002Yearchairman黄页网站免费大全在线Mr. Yu Hyde from the eyes of strategyset out◇,set up▓Shanghai Yongde Food Machinery Co., Ltd.,in most international cities—Shanghaipurchase▒Le50more than one mu of land,building▥a first-class production plant and office building,outfit◊First-class engineering design experts and equipment production technicians,Develop and develop advanced production equipment,To better serve our country's food industry。
          “no◥best波多野结衣番号,as long as it is better!”is the enterprise's goal,Shanghai Yongde Food Machinery Co., Ltd.、Ningbo Xiangshan Food Equipment Factory is not the only onesupply▄China's first-class engineering,And each project as a work of art to do,cost of promotion for an enterprise,For our customersbuild◪profit sumreverence▯,Progress for China's Food Industrymake▓due contribution!
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          • all-active sterilizer series
            utility◈Yuagglomeration◄tightness,self packagedsustenance老湿影在线观看免费sterilization░;warming◢cooling□fast,agilityarrive at▩sterilization■effect;multi-stage liftcooling┇,utility◕divergences of various materialssterilization▇craft;active level height,PLCall-active touch screen control;canmatching△active measurement of various parameters、recorder。this type of production
          • bean production line
            professional production成年动漫3d无尽视频make tofu、dried bean curd、bean curd skin(thousands of pages)production line Please consult ShanghaiYonderFood Machines Limited:021-57461818
          • Jinan Yili and Lile Company
          • Chengdu Yili Dairy Co., Ltd.
          • Shenyang Yili Dairy Co., Ltd.
          • Hangzhou Wahaha Group
          • Shanxi Yashili Dairy Co., Ltd.
          • Siping Hongbaolai Limited
          • Nanjing Hongbaolai Co., Ltd.
          • Shandong Yinxiang Dairy Co., Ltd.
          • Hunan Taichung milk industry
          • Xiaoyangren Dairy Co., Ltd.